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Full-Time Lay Missionaries in El Salvador
The Full-Time Lay Missionaries continue to grow in el Salvador. On May 13th they inaugurated a new center which will enable them to serve the local bishops and their dioceses more effectively.

Centro ETC El Salvador
Full-Time Lay Missionaries that work in el Salvador.
On May 13th, the day of Our Lady of Fatima, the Full-Time Lay Missionaries inaugurated a new center. The ceremony was led by Archbishop Giacinto Berloco, Apostolic Nuncio to El Salvador. His Excellency expressed gratitude to the Missionaries for the service that they provide the Church, especially that of countering the work of the sects that are so numerous throughout the country.

Alejandro Pinelo, director of the Full-Time Lay Missionaries and a consecrated member of Regnum Christi, thanked the Nuncio for his presence and support. “Receiving your blessing, Your Excellency, assures us of the Holy Father’s blessing," Pinelo said. He also shared the long-term goals that the missionaries have and their desire to one day be able to truly serve all the parishes throughout El Salvador.

The Full-Time Lay Missionaries project is intended to support bishops by preparing missionaries and placing them at the service of dioceses and parishes. These committed lay men and women, working as couples or individually, function as catechists.

The missionaries seek to fulfill their mission by educating others in the faith so they may preach and teach catechesis; forming part-time lay missionaries; creating evangelization centers and teams of lay people dedicated to promoting a sound human and Christian formation; helping pastoral action; and promoting an integral human development through education programs and projects aimed at bettering living conditions.

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