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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Kilometers of Solidarity
Young Volunteers from Gente Nueva (New Generation) Brazil collect more than 8 kilometers of sweaters for the poor of Sao Paulo.

Km de Suéteres
8.5 kilometers of sweaters serving as a witness to solidarity.
More than eight kilometers (5.28 miles) of solidarity were on display in the form of a collection of sweaters that will help clothe the poor of Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the world´s largest cities.

Gente Nueva (New Generation) of Brazil organized the initiative as a means to help the poorest of the poor throughout Sao Paulo as well as fostering a greater sensibility to the needs of those around us. Eight kilometers of sweaters were extended throughout one of the city´s parks so that the thousands passersby could witness this wonderful initiative. The sweaters silently reminded everyone that we can all do something to help others.

Gente Nueva is an organization that promotes human and Christian values amongst young people. If you would like more information you can visit their Spanish Web site at

(August 21, 2003)


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