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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Yes, We Do Care!
New World Youth Day 2008 video captures the faith, joy, and enthusiasm of the youth who are the future of the Church.

World Youth Day 2008 is revving up, and the youth are making their voices heard. This Youth4Mission video captures the sense of momentum, joy, and energy that rises up spontaneously when millions of youth gather together to show their faith to the world.  In the face of jaded secularism, their enthusiasm is like a powerful wave of fresh hope. As one commentator on the video says, “Once I see the sea of people, it gives me chills, because it just shows me that God is at work and the Church is still alive. Well alive.” Another commentator says, “I can’t express the feeling and the infusion of faith you get when you see young people all over the place and enthused and all believing the same thing…” 

At the end of the video, a young woman says that World Youth Day is a chance to tell the secular media that the youth really do care about what the Pope has to say. It’s about “being able to say, ‘Hey, I’m youth but I’m still coming to see the Pope. And you say I don’t care? It’s like, in your face, yes I do!’ It’s to prove that the youth of today really do care and that we’re here to make a statement.”

No doubt about it: the youth are alive, convinced, and ready to take a stand. Join them for World Youth Day 2008. More details on trips and packages are available at this web site:



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