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Turn to Jesus (Article)

K4J and SportsLeader Entering New Era
Mission Network apostolates are becoming independent to better serve the Church and the nation.

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February 11, 2011 -- Two Mission Network apostolates are moving into a new phase in their ongoing growth and development.  Both K4J (Kids 4 Jesus) and SportsLeader are becoming independent entities. 

K4J will become an official independent entity known as “Creative Catholics” as of May 1, 2011, and SportsLeader will become SportsLeader LLC on April 1, 2011.

K4J Moves into New Phase

Kathleen Conklin, Director of K4J with her husband Don, said, “After thirteen years of a harmonious relationship with the Legion of Christ, my husband and I have been offered a wonderful opportunity to take K4J private, and we are launching a new for-profit business called ‘Creative Catholics.’”

“Creative Catholics will assume all rights to the K4J products,” said Conklin.  “We are so grateful and excited for the opportunity.”

She said Creative Catholics will offer K4J and other innovative educational solutions that “empower students to become self-motivated in living virtue and in loving their Catholic faith.”   More details on this developing story will be available on the soon-to-be online website

SportsLeader Becomes LLC

“Over the past six years, our program has grown tremendously,” said Lou Judd, Director of SportsLeader.  The program is now active in more than 10 states and Canada, reaching approximately 3,000 boys and girls involved in athletic programs.

Judd said the program, although originally intended for Catholic schools, has taken off in public schools as well.

“SportsLeader is a virtue-based program for athletics, and it appeals to both the public and parochial schools,” said Judd.  For this reason, he said it is beneficial for the group to be independent.

Judd said he and some of the original founders of the program, Joe Lukens and Paul Passafiume, will be on the board of directors of the new 501(c)(3) corporation. “We are still nailing down details,” he said.

Mission Network Apostolates Growing

Todd Brechbill, director of operations for the Mission Network arm of Regnum Christi, said the development of these apostolates as independent entities fits well with the direction of the organization.

“Our group started in 2001,” said Brechbill.  “We were called ‘Catholic Youth World Network’ at the time.   The youth clubs were being packaged and institutionalized, and at the same time, other apostolates began developing in widely scattered locations all over the United States.  The Legion of Christ decided to bring them all together under one umbrella with the goal to make them more professional and to institutionalize them into programs using the same resources supported by the Legion.  In 2006, we became Mission Network.

“When we began, about 5,000 people were participating in Mission Network apostolates.  Today there are 12 apostolates, and each is growing and adapting to the needs of the Church and the groups that want their services,” said Brechbill.  “As of Jan. 30, 2011, there are 32,000 participating in all the apostolates of Mission Network.

“Our programs have touched a lot of souls and have helped to change lives.  We have essentially been engaging young people throughout America in their Christian values, and we want to reach even more.  But the Legion alone just doesn’t have the marketing and business resources available to make these two specific programs all they can be."

“K4J and SportsLeader were the first off-the-shelf programs we offered for schools and parishes,” said Brechbill.  “By letting these two programs go, we can focus more on key apostolates such as Conquest and Challenge, Mission Youth and Familia.”

Regarding K4J and SportsLeader, Brechbill said Mission Network is letting these programs go for the greater good of the Church and the nation.  “Our goal is to continue to further the reach of our apostolates to touch more souls, and to continue to serve the Church, offering our programs to the parishes and schools, as well as to the Regnum Christi members, who want and need them.”



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