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Spiritual Soundbytes for Kids
Theology a third-grader can understand, now in audio format.

spiritual soundbytes
Each unique recording presents a mini-capsule explaining virtue or the spiritual life by means of the concrete events of daily life.

March 8, 2011. What can a frozen lake teach a child about unity and charity?  How about Pachelbel’s Canon and the virtue of patience? The scenes and settings of one Legionary religious’ life become the inspiration for a new series of audio recordings for kids, the Spiritual Soundbytes produced by Br Peter Huynh, LC.

Enlivened by the background noises of Br Peter’s life at the apostolic school in New Hampshire, from the shouts and cheers of an outdoor hockey game to the sound of a student practicing his piano piece to the roar of airplanes taking off at the airport, each recording presents a mini-capsule explaining virtue or the spiritual life by means of the concrete events of daily life. For example, a lake frozen solid, without cracks or fissures, teaches us that unity and charity make us stronger as a whole, while divisions make us weaker and more breakable. 

Br Peter’s soundbytes were originally created not for 3rd graders in the abstract, but for the children in Mrs. Romana Khalaf’s 3rd grade class at an elementary school in Decatur, Georgia. (Last year, Mrs. Khalaf’s students had prayed for Br Peter during the Year for Priests, and had worked together with him to create a unique Stations of the Cross for children, complete with memorable illustrations.) Over the course of the year, however, the soundbytes have become available for over seven 3rd grade classes in the states of Michigan, Georgia, Missouri, Connecticut, New York, Texas.

The Spiritual Soundbytes are available in the multimedia zone at this link

To contact Br Peter Huynh, e-mail him at



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