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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Live from Madrid
Regnum Christi members will be sharing their experiences via the Legion’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

youth in Madrid
Regnum Christi youth arriving to Madrid... ready to roll.

August 15, 2011. Madrid, Spain. Over 2,600 youth from more than 20 countries will participate in the 2011 World Youth Day celebration in Madrid with the Regnum Christi Movement. They will be accompanied by more than 200 Legionaries and a hundred consecrated women and men.

To share the event with Regnum Christi members worldwide, the Legion of Christ’s profile on Twitter and the Regnum Christi Facebook profiles will provide a shared collection of photos, videos and testimonies that the Regnum Christi members in Madrid will record with their mobile devices. This will assure a “live” interaction with the WYD activities and a close-up view of each group’s experiences.

The Legion’s multi-lingual Twitter profile ( will become the main channel for members to share their experiences during the WYD celebration.

For this purpose, there will be an official “hashtag” (#madrid11RC) with a selection of links and resources that will be retwittered. Others will be shared with the different Regnum Christi profiles in Facebook.

The hashtag will allow viewers to see a live reproduction of the events. We invite you to follow the Legion’s Twitter profile ( to find the best selection of links to the participant photographs and videos.

Regnum Christi Facebook accounts in English and Spanish:

Regnum Christi English

Regnum Christi Spanish

Regnum Christi consecrated women English

Regnum Christi consecrated women Spanish



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