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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Bringing Christ Door-to-Door
Legion of Christ seminarians participate in a door-to-door mission.

cheshire mission, seminarians
Bringing Christ door-to-door
On May 18th, Legion of Christ seminarians studying in Cheshire, Connecticut, participated in a door-to-door mission for St Anthony´s Parish in Prospect, Connecticut. The goal of the activity was to help the parish priest take a census as well as to invite non-practicing Catholics back to the Church.

The seminarians used methods common in Youth for the Third Millennium (YTM) missions. The only difference was the personnel: while YTM missionaries are young Catholics from all walks of life, this particular mission was conducted by seminarians.

The mission began in the parish hall. There Father Phil Cascia, the
Cheshire mission, priest, brothers
Father Phil Cascia, the pastor, gave his blessing to the seminarians and to the laymen .
pastor, gave his blessing to the seminarians and to the 20 laymen who offered to take them around the town. Despite the drizzly morning, the Legionaries knocked on about 1100 doors, receiving answers from 620 families. They were able to meet some young men thinking about the priestly vocation.

The mission came about thanks to the initiative of a Regnum Christi family, Vince and Margaret Cannuli. The Cannulis have been active in the parish over the past four years and have become good friends with Father Phil . They helped put Father Phil in contact with the Legionaries and
mission mass
Legionaries participated in the Masses on Saturday and Sunday helping the faithful to grow closer to Christ
then organized the mission.

In order to prepare for the event, there was an article in the local newspaper a few days before the mission, letting the townspeople know about the Catholic missionaries in town.

Father Phil was very grateful for their work. The members of the parish were also quite impressed by the seminarians´ testimony of joy, apostolic zeal, and love for their faith. To end the mission, some Legionaries participated in the Masses on Saturday and Sunday, reading commentaries that helped the faithful acquire a more profound appreciation of the wonders of the Mass.

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