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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Welcoming Our Baby with Genetic Deformations
The Sánchez Aedo Arellano family, members of Regnum Christi, tell the story of how faith has helped them to see God’s provident plan in their lives.

Familia Sánchez Aedo Arellano
The Sánchez Aedo Arellano family

January 13, 2009. Mexico City, Mexico. God´s providence can come in unexpected ways, and for those who learn to see with the eyes of faith, it is always a blessing. The following testimony tells the story of a husband and wife who are expecting a baby with serious birth defects, and who have already welcomed him as a gift from God.


We want to share something with all our friends and relatives. When my wife Coral went in for her ultrasound, we discovered that our baby will have some genetic deformations. We do not know yet what it is, but we know it is serious.

The day of the ultrasound was definitely a special day, full of new emotions. Coral and I knew that our baby would be born with some genetic deformations. We didn’t know what, but we knew and we had been talking about it. In fact, ever since our dating days, we had prayed to God that if he was going to send a baby like that into the world, he would send him to us. Some people kill those babies or throw them into the trash. We thought, if God is going to send a baby like that into the world, let him send him to us, because we will love him and care for him like no one else.

It’s no coincidence that Coral and I are together and dedicated to forming a family. Things happen for a reason, and I can say that I feel totally happy. It’s difficult to explain, but we feel like God listened to us, and that after giving us the best parents and siblings, and the best two children, now he is blessing us with a little being who is incapable of doing harm to anyone. Fernando (we have already named him) is coming straight from heaven, and he will go back to heaven one day. What better “lever” could we ask for to help us get to heaven, too?

Life seems very easy in these times. In our society, if we don’t want something, we throw it away and change it. When we got married, Coral and I decided to commit to each other not just for the good times we would enjoy together, but for the difficult times that we knew would come. We knew that together we could overcome anything that would happen to us. We know now that the most complicated times are on the way and that our life will be different, but that it will also be happier. We are happy people, and we will never stop being happy.

It is difficult, but we are not alone. We have each other, our children, our family, and our friends. God gave us a very special family, with my children Patricio, Tatiana, and Fernando. Each one is different and each one is special. We are, I think, the happiest family in the world. Yesterday God told us that he wants us in heaven, and he sent us the key in Fernando. We share this news with so much pride and affection, and just as we show off our other children, today we show off Fernando.

Coral, Alonso, Pato, Tatis, and Fer
Mexico City



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