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Turn to Jesus (Article)

For Them
A poem from a Legionary priest to his parents.

P. Octavio Ortiz de Montellanos L.C. con sus papás
Father Octavio Ortiz de Montellanos, LC, with his parents.
For them, Lord, whom you called along this path of life
Consecrating them as soldiers of love amidst strife.
For them who with affection united their days
As pilgrims along this route with continuous praise.

For them, Lord, having wanted them at your side
Assisting you with their creative love.
For them who have always wanted to abide
In that first union that came from above.

For them, Lord, whose flowering garden lovely to behold
Sowing in their children seeds of eternity.
For them who have tasted thirst as the day grows old
Drinking from your well the water of conformity.

For them, Lord, at your altar with offering they stand
With the fruit of their lives walked hand in hand.
For them who, not without pain, were able to depart
With only God at the center of their heart.

For them, Lord, because they taught me your name
Seeing in their face, your Face of Father the same.
For them, who in this life greatly have suffered
Yet faithful and constant their love has been offered.

For them, Lord, who from afar today do think of me
Yet very, very close to their heart forever I will be.
For them who accompany me at the altar each day
With the white offering of their lives in my heart to stay.

For them, Lord, whose children are a rich harvest indeed
Generous fruit of faith and working hands that did seed.
For them, Lord, who end each day with peace and a kiss
And know that faithful love gives the strength to persist.

For them, Lord, bless with optimism and a smile
Keep their hearts brave and always close together.
For them, Lord, may their eyes be for one another forever
Joyfully facing each tribulation all the while.

For them, Lord, today I would like to pray
That their souls may be as the color of heaven.
Carrying each cross with love as their leaven
Rising together, Lord, I ask may we always stay.

(July 8, 2003)


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