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Turn to Jesus (Article)

The Pilgrim Queen at the Super Bowl
New Orleans Saints tight ends coach Terry Malone brings Our Lady to the big game.

Terry Malone and two of his kids
Terry Malone and two of his daughters relish the taste of victory.

February 24, 2010. “You can’t go into a game that big without all of your weapons,” said Terry Malone, who has been the tight ends coach for the New Orleans Saints for the past four years.

While the Saints fought for their 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on February 7, the Pilgrim Queen was back in Coach Terry Malone’s hotel room. He had brought his entire family to the game, and that family included Our Lady.

A member of the family

In fact, she had become an increasingly important part of the family ever since he was first introduced to the Pilgrim Queen of the Family three years ago. They had just moved into New Orleans, and a neighbor invited him and his wife to join. Right away, they felt that there was something special about having her in their home.

“We looked
Terry Malone family
The Malone family together in Miami on Super Bowl Sunday.
forward so much to her visiting our house, and she became part of our family,” he said.

After that, he and his wife decided to purchase two additional images and send the Pilgrim Queen out on the road to visit their extended families. Both Terry and his wife come from a family of six children each, all of whom live in different states. So far, both images have made four complete trips through the entire extended family.

“It has really united our family to be able to share her with each other. When the Pilgrim Queen comes to our house, there seems to be a real peace which is sometimes lacking. Our relationship with her has developed to the point that our children and my wife and I miss her when she’s not with us. When she gets to our front door, we look forward to spending days with her,” he said.

Pilgrim Queen tript
The Pilgrim Queen of the Family image.
time around, the Pilgrim Queen arrived to his front door just before Terry and his family left for Miami. So they packed Our Lady with them and headed off to the Super Bowl.

The Pilgrim Queen with her Saints

During the week before the game, Our Lady stayed with them in the hotel as a quiet source of reassurance and peace.

“We were able to say a Rosary and we were awful glad to have her there,” said Terry. “She’s part of the family, and having her with us has given us many special times.”

It also helped him to have her there at a time when dreams, desires, and tensions were running high.

“There is a lot of pressure and anxiety that goes into being part of a big game like this,” he said. “Being in the NFL, every week is highly publicized and pressurized. But when it all comes down to
Terry and wife
Terry Malone and his wife, Ann.
one game, it intensifies everything you do. Every step you take in preparation for a Super Bowl, you analyze, evaluate, and overanalyze. It can become a real pressure situation if you allow it to be. So having that opportunity of a lifetime was very special.”

He added, “She obviously did a good job.”

When asked what it was like to experience the Saints’ victory, he said, “It was a tremendous experience. It’s hard to explain the emotions involved when you see all your hard work, dreams, and goals come to fruition. I was lucky enough to have my whole family there, and being able to celebrate with them was a really special moment for all of us.”

At the Super Bowl XLIV, Our Lady was there behind the scenes, among the coaches; through the Rosary, she was doing her own sort of coaching. And in the end, it was only fitting that the Queen of All Saints should be there when the Saints went marching in.

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