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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Camp Captivenia
153 girls discover the power of captivating grace


Now in its second year, Camp Captivenia (signifying captivating grace) is an all-girls camp designed to kindle the imaginations and reinforce the faith of Catholic girls through a dynamic storyline and Christ-centered talks. Set in the foothills and forests of the majestic Alberta Rockies, the girls find themselves swept up in the mystique and adventure of Captivenia!

Valerie Doran, wife of the director of the Arcātheos boys’ camp, along with a team of talented women, works year-round to create the best experience possible. ‘Maidens’ (ages 9-12) are placed under the care of the ‘Bellesera’ (age 13-16), who are trained beforehand in effective leadership skills. Mothers are an extension of the back-up team and are key in ensuring that the practical needs of the camp are running effectively. 

During Captivenia´s annual Festival of Maidens, the girls follow a week of intense theatrics, leather-crafting, horseback riding, storytelling, archery, the Marketplace, and much more! But first and foremost, they experience the excitement of the King´s victory over evil.

This year, 153 girls and team leaders
girls in play
enjoyed fellowship with others and witnessed God´s grace transforming the souls around them. Captivenia 2012 drew these girls into a story of good and evil, modeled on epic allegorical myths. Through fellowship, prayer, song and a few water balloons, evil was once again defeated and peace came to the land of Captivenia!

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