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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Dancing in the Endzone
Through the movement I have embraced a spirituality that has led me to a deeper relationship with Christ and a more effective way to life out my baptismal promises.

John Massick
John Massick
An interview by Ignition Staff

Ignition: It seems like whenever anyone talks about Johnny Massick, the name itself is synonymous with football. How did that come about?

Massick: I was first introduced to the game when I was a young boy running up and down the sidelines of our local high school football field. Dad was a coach for close to thirty years and football was infused into the blood of everyone in the family. Even mom could be caught strangling the person seated next to her when something went wrong. She was his best and most loyal fan! And then there was my brother; who, although smaller than most of the cheerleaders, became a first team all-state defensive back in California.

I: Did anyone else have the same passion for the sport that you did?

M: My sister never suited up, but began to build a team of her own 11 years ago. She already has 4 boys ready to knock heads and join the squad, and one who will have to root from the sidelines. Although football played an import role in our family, it was second to our faith. In fact, my brother in the midst of his collegiate career opted to join a better team, and one that would last for life. He threw off the shoulder pads and put on the new man. He joined the Legionaries of Christ, and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to the Lord. This was the greatest blessing that could have happened to my family, and I am certain that a day doesn´t not go by without one of us thanking God that he called my brother, and that my brother has been faithful to his vocation.

I: What brought you out to Franciscan Univ of Steubenville?

M: I decided to attend FUS after a year at home, attending a local college and coaching varsity football and freshman basketball. I can remember my desire to attend FUS throughout that year, waiting to meet some other people who held fast to their faith.

I: Now an FUS grad, looking back, how was the experience?

M: I found exactly what I was hoping for and more. It was at FUS that I first encountered a number of people who had made a decision to live their life for Christ, and were ready to do this on a daily basis. People who challenged one another and lived a spirit of Christian enthusiasm. Secondly, it was here that I incorporated into Regnum Christi, a decision which stands in the forefront of all of my decisions. Through the movement I have embraced a spirituality that has led me to a deeper relationship with Christ and a more effective way to life out my baptismal promises. Through the movement I was born into a family that´s purpose is to be holy and conquer the world for Christ.

I: Did your time with the Movement at FUS help you decide to be a co-worker?

M: Definitely, it was at FUS that I decided to give a year to Christ and the Church when my life as a student was finished. When I decided to volunteer, my intention was to live a year totally for Christ. I wanted to put myself on hold. Instead of the constant receiver, I wanted to play the role of the giver. I thought, with some overconfidence, that I had much to offer the Lord, that I would do great things for him and help change the world and life would be peachy. Well, I have come to realize that I don´t have much to offer him except my will. My talents, knowledge and all the rest are limited, and I´m quite sure he must go to great lengths to use them effectively. But, my generosity is what he appreciates. My willingness to serve him, makes my time worthwhile.

I: You were assigned to work in Providence, RI, as a coworker; what are your thoughts as the year draws to a close?

M: The life of a co-worker is not easy. We are not driven by bosses and paychecks. It is a challenge and a way to grow as an apostle for Christ. When the day is done, we kneel before the Lord with our community and ask, "Lord, how did I live my day today? Were you the object of everything I did?" And it is to him that we answer. This year has been very special, and I realize that it is a unique opportunity to grow both in the spiritual life and basic human formation. I can´t help but get the goosies now when I listen to Jesus´ answer of James and John´s question, "Rabbi, where do you live?" and his reply, "Come and see." This is his invitation to play the game, and without a doubt I´m doing a touchdown dance!

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