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Turn to Jesus (Article)

RC Mission Corps
Serve the Church and souls as a RC Mission Corps volunteer!


"It is Jesus who you are looking for when you dream of happiness. It is Jesus who inspires you to do something great with your lives, to long for an ideal, to reject mediocrity, to bravely commit, with humility and perseverance, to improve yourselves and society, making it stronger and more fraternal" (John Paul II, World Youth Day, 2000, Rome).

A Challenge

How many times have you asked yourself why is there so much suffering in the world?

How many times have you asked your friends how it was possible that so many people still do not know our Lord Jesus Christ?

Haven´t you ever felt you had to do something about it?

If you want to be a living witness of the Gospel...
If you think that people need answers and not just words...
If you are willing to give time to help others...
If you want to be part of the solution that the world needs...

… then, accept the challenge to join those who are doing something to change the world!

The Regnum Christi Movement offers you the opportunity to do something more for the Church and for souls as a RC Mission Corps volunteer. There are many young men and women today taking up the challenge, tackling the needs of the Church and the world. They are striving not only to give an answer but to be an answer.

The Second Vatican Council says: "After accepting these charisms, including the more elementary ones, each believer acquires the right and duty to use them in the Church and in the world for the good of men and to build the Church, in the freedom of the Holy Spirit who ´breathes where He will´" (Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem, 3).

Joining the RC Mission Corps is one way to commit yourself to "build up the Church"; it is an opportunity to fulfill the commission Christ gave his followers before he ascended to the Father: "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation" (Mt 28:19).

Who is a RC Mission Corps volunteer?

RC Mission Corps volunteers are
young Regnum Christi members who dedicate one to three years of their lives to full-time apostolic work wherever the Church most needs them, as a particular way to love Christ and bring others to love him more. Each volunteer participates in an apostolate that is both suited to his talents and effective in achieving the goal of bringing Christ to every person, of every age and in every walk of life.

RC Mission Corps volunteers generally live in a Regnum Christi center. There they receive ongoing formation to be Christ’s true apostles, as described below. Prayer and apostolate allow them to receive a genuine and intimate experience of God that will impact the rest of their lives, teaching them to always put God first.

It takes generosity and sacrifice to live as a volunteer, but it also brings great satisfaction and joy. You try to love God, he challenges you to put your selfishness aside, and he blesses you with happiness in return.

The volunteer´s spiritual life is focused on a deep and personal experience of God, growing in personal knowledge of him and a desire to bring him to others, thus making St. Paul´s expression your own: "Woe to me if I do not proclaim the Gospel" (I Cor. 9:16).

What Formation Does A Volunteer Receive?

The RC Mission Corps program weaves together the spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic dimensions of life, and this formation should continue throughout life after the volunteering years are over.

Spiritual Dimension

The spiritual dimension is indispensable if we are to be apostles. Therefore, volunteers strive to grow in their union with God, through prayer and the sacraments. Christ is their friend and companion in their everyday struggles, and he is the cure they will offer for the wounds of so many men and women, and the certain
hope to quench their every longing. This is the face of God, which volunteers find in their times of prayer and solitude. If Jesus is not in their hearts, they know they are missing the center that gives meaning to everything they are and do.

The spiritual life is still more. It entails making the Christ the center of their lives, living in the heart of the Church, with Mary our Mother, rooted in an ardent spirit of charity shown in working to save souls and in an unbreakable adherence to the Vicar of Christ.

Human Dimension

Volunteers also need to form themselves in the human virtues and values, so as to achieve their complete human development; supernatural grace needs that human foundation in order to give rise to the lay apostle that the world needs today. Each one works on a personal program of human formation and growth to build a rich and balanced personality, taking care to develop such virtues as: a mature and upright conscience, a sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, strength of will and self-control. These qualities stand them in good stead in any apostolate as well as their future professional and family lives.

Apostolic Dimension

Christ needs your arms, legs and mouth to bring him and speak his word where is not yet known, or where his memory has been erased. Volunteers are ready to go anywhere so that Christ can reach the greatest possible number of people. Thus there are volunteers in places as diverse as the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and others.

The do a variety of apostolates: youth groups and children´s groups, urban and rural evangelization missions, teaching catechism to children and teens, some even in universities and colleges -- wherever the Church needs them and their abilities allow them.

good intentions are no substitute for formation, volunteers also receive the necessary training to become apostles for Christ, developing the talents that will enable them to better fulfill their mission: public speaking, organizational skills, group leadership skills, often undertaking projects they never would have thought themselves capable of. "If God is with me, who can be against me?"

Intellectual Dimension

Volunteers prepare themselves in a series of courses before beginning their apostolic work. They learn to give reasons for their faith, as St. Peter tells us: "Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you yet do it with gentleness and reverence" (1 Pet 3, 15-16).

If you really want to evangelize today´s world you need to give it both the reasons and the witness of your faith. This is what the world needs. As well as the introductory courses, which are an integral part of the formation, each volunteer has a personal reading and study program to prepare for the work ahead.

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"In a pluralistic
society like your own, we need a greater and more incisive Catholic presence, of individuals and communities, in every sector of public life. Therefore, it is unacceptable and contrary to the Gospel to reduce religion to merely private practice, paradoxically forgetting the essentially public and social dimension of the human person. Go, then, to the streets and live your faith with joy, imbuing families, schools, culture and politics with Christ´s salvation" (John Paul II, Homily in Madrid, 5 June 1993).

If you are interested in being a RC Mission Corps volunteer, you can download the informational brochures and applications here:

RC Mission Corps brochure for young men.
RC Mission Corps brochure for young women.
RC Mission Corps application for young men.
RC Mission Corps application for young women.

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