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Plastic Surgeons Wanted
On August 25th Soñar Despierto performed their first plastic surgery reconstructing a beautiful smile on the faces of 1500 Argentinean orphans.

Soñar despierto - Argentina 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soñar Despierto (To dream while awake) is called to transform the hearts of the young people of the world. For a day some youths became a team of plastic surgeons changing the face of our society.

On August 25th Soñar Despierto performed their first plastic surgery reconstructing a beautiful smile on the faces of 1500 Argentinean orphans. Five hundred helpers made up the troop of happiness whose only desire was to give their time so that the little guests had a time to remember in an amusement park in the city of Buenos Aires.

The 500 "surgeons" of Soñar Despierto did not only draw smiles on the faces of the children, but also changed the hearts of many people who saw the enthusiasm with which they gave of themselves to make these children happy.

One of the young men, made "surgeon" for the day, wanted to show us his transformed heart; surely his words speak better that any other narration:

"My name is Gonzalo and I was lucky to participate in the Soñar Despierto event at the amusement park and truly I lived it like a dream, that is, I think that the idea was for the kids to have a day so wonderful that it would be like a beautiful deam. But, honestly, I was the one dreaming.

"I want to thank you, Soñar Despierto, for giving me the opportunity to participate in something so special and congratulate you for having organized it so well.

"But, basically, I want to tell you how I felt: I felt new - even if I ended up with a splitting headache - I felt renewed in spirit. I felt useful, like I had not felt in a while. I felt useful in many aspects work, family, friendship, etc.), but more that just useful, I felt needed. That is a beautiful thing, isn´t it? To feel that somebody needs you. Well, also I felt very grateful to God for giving me the chance to have such a beautiful day. I am now so much more thankful for all that I have.

"I also realized - as I imagine others did too - that I complain about small things. To see these kids (even if I didn´t have the best of childhoods), I realized that I have to be more thankful to God than I am right now. At times I felt like a storm of desolation was coming (I´m not trying to be poetic, I just can´t think of another word) when I saw the park so big and I saw the children so. I don´t know. alone, little, defenseless, fragile, I felt something like. ´how impressive. how hard life is for some people.´ Even though, obviously, I tried not to think about that too much and put my efforts in trying to give my all to these kids who probably don´t question their reality, but just live it.

"Well, I don´t want to write a long and boring letter. I simply wanted to transmit a tidbit of what I felt. and I couldn´t let the opportunity go by to thank you with all my heart and, in a certain way on behalf of all those little kids. I thank you, Soñar Despierto, for existing.

Affectionately, Gonzalo."



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