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A Dream Team of Coaches
SportsLeader Hosts Character Builds Football Coaches Clinic

coaches clinic

February 4, 2008. Cincinnati, OH. A group of 66 men gathered at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott for a SportsLeader clinic under the theme “Character Builds Football” this past January 25-26, 2008. The clinic had three main purposes: to help coaches understand the SportsLeader program’s unique approach to forming men, networking with other coaches, and sharing some good football technique.

Of the 66 men gathered at the clinic, 51 were coaches, and 31 of these were new to SportsLeader. Other participants in the clinic included 9 SportsLeader promoters, 5 Legionaries of Christ, and a SportsLeader “graduate,” who is now a freshman football player at the University of Cincinnati.

The coaches’ talks covered a range of topics, from virtue formation to football strategy. Some of the topics included:

The Foundation Of Sportsleader by Paul Passafiume
Building Boys Into Men by Matthew Van Smoorenburg, LC
Power Run Offense by Bruce Scifres
Steering Kids Away From Drugs And Alcohol by Bruce Scifres
How To Reach The Heart Of The Athlete by Chris Willertz
Forging Willpower by Paul Passafiume
Building Leadership In Quarterbacks by Mike Gims
44 Defense by Joe Nichols
Character Development & Mentoring Within A Public School by Joe Nichols
Practice Management by Bill Letton
Creating A Mentoring Culture Within Your Coaching Staff by Dan Duddy
Football Done Right Changes Lives by Jason Brooks, LC

As coaches learned from each other’s insights and techniques, they also learned from each other’s dedication.  One participant
said, “It was a great inspiration to see how the other coaches were so committed, and it was very encouraging to see that the group had tripled in one year.”

Coaches who were new to SportsLeader found that the clinic answered a need they had seen in their players for some time: virtue formation as the foundation of championship excellence.

One coach said, “This clinic absolutely exceeded my expectations.  After a couple of minutes into the first speaker I realized this is the part of coaching that we were missing.  We as coaches, can coach perfect fundamental football.... footwork, technique, strategy.... but if we don´t instill character and playing for a higher purpose, we as coaches have failed.  This piece of coaching is critical for championship development!  Our football program is going to implement this system as soon as possible.”

Another new participant said, “It never ceases to amaze me how the little things happen to bring you to certain points in your life.  I have been looking for something like this for three years.  I left with a feeling of hope that this program can bring about change in my players who need this sort of guidance in their lives.”

Lou Judd, the SportsLeader Regional Director said, “The SportsLeader program is really starting to gain some momentum. It has such tremendous potential since so many kids play sports and so many men and women dedicate so much of their time to coaching. We started with basically one coach four years ago, Paul Passafiume, and now we have a clinic with over 60 men.”

noted that 8 out of the 14 new schools in attendance at the clinic have already decided to run the SportsLeader program with their football teams this year.

“It is exciting to see that we are impacting all types of schools: Catholic, Christian, public, high schools, grade schools, independent leagues, etc.” he said.

Next year´s coaches clinic will be from March 6-7, 2009 in Cincinnati.

For more information about the SportsLeader program, visit the web site at or contact:

D’Arcy Wills
SportsLeader National Director

Lou Judd
SportsLeader Regional Director



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