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Turn to Jesus (Article)

NET (K4J) Alumni Serve the Church
A Legionary and a religious sister report back on how NET (K4J) helped them discover Christ and their vocation in the Church.

Religious sister alum of K4J
Sister María Esther of the Cross and of the Child Jesus (wearing crown of flowers) with Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo of the Cancún-Chetumal prelature and several other sisters from her order.

December 7, 2009. Early childhood is a key moment for learning how to relate to Jesus and live out the virtues.  Known in English-speaking countries as K4J (Kids 4 Jesus), NET is an international program for children ages 3 – 13 that teaches virtue and faith through fun activities and monthly “mission packs” involving cartoon characters and stories.

One never knows what kind of an impact this sort of a program has on the future of the children who participate. But sometimes there are glimpses, as in the following two testimonies, one from a Legionary novice and one from a religious sister in the order of the Perpetual Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament.

Br Niko Hermosillo Aguirre, LC

Br Niko, now a novice in Ireland, joined “Club NET” (the Mexican version of the K4J program) in his hometown of La Piedad in 2001.  Several years later, he went on the apostolic
Br Niko with the NET display
Br Niko Hermosillo Aguirre, nLC, next to a NET display stand.
school in Guadalajara, and just recently made his religious profession at the novitiate in Dublin, Ireland.

“Through NET, I realized that there is something more important than the usual worldly things, and that Christ deserved the most important place in my life. I was able to continue being a normal boy, but with a new commitment of being a true friend to Jesus,” he said.

“Another thing that helped me to discern my vocation was the love I felt for the Legion and the way of living the priesthood as a Legionary. When I saw the “men in black,” I felt so much joy and a deep admiration.”

Sister María Esther of the Cross and of the Child Jesus

Sister María Esther de la Cruz and of the Child Jesus was a member of Club NET in Cancún. She currently belongs to the Order of the Perpetual Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament in the city of Cozumel.

“I am the third of five children, and the two youngest and myself belonged to Club NET. I was very happy to be part of Club NET, because that was where God began to lay the foundations of my faith. There I began to apply all of the formation that the Catechism gives us. In NET, I learned to make the most of the talents God gives us, that Jesus is our best friend, and that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother who always watches over us, and that she is our friend,” she said.

“All that I learned was useful for me not only at that time in my life, but even today. It is still helping me today, and it is now in the consecrated life that I am putting into practice the most. One of the reasons why I liked to go to Club NET was that it taught me that we have a great mission, and that we are the future of the Church, not only when we are part of the club, but for our whole lives.”

“These experiences as a NET girl will never be erased from my heart: the living Via Crucis, the summer camps, the lessons in the monthly magazine, etc. They are all here with me, just like the people who motivated my siblings and I to keep coming. Thank you for the support!”

“And my wish for all NET kids is for you to continue being joyful and enthusiastic! And be generous to respond to God’s call, whether it be to the priesthood, religious life, or missionary life. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to our Lord. May God bless you, and I will pray for you in front of the Heart of Our Lord.”

For more information about K4J programs for parishes, schools, clubs, and homes in the United States and Canada, click here.



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