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Circle Press Launches New Site
Circle Press has now redesigned and updated its Web site and offers an extra site for Regnum Christi resources.

circle press

May 30, 2008. Circle Press has now developed two Web locations for two different categories of purchasers.

The Web site is for anyone who would like to purchase books from Circle Press. This is the Web link to pass on to interested friends or acquaintances who would like to purchase books, CDs, textbooks, and other audiovisual resources from Circle Press.

Starting June 6, 2008, Regnum Christi members who would like to purchase specific Regnum Christi materials, such as prayer books, letters like Time and Eternity, or copies of Envoy I - IV, can go to a new Web site, (formerly called CirclePressUSA). The Regnum Christi resources Web page will also carry all of the books and other materials offered on the general Circle Press Web page.

Regnum Christi members can also access this new Web page by going to and clicking on the link to RC RESOURCES, which leads directly to



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