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Your Map to the Regnum Christi Web Site
Find your way around the updated site and explore new and improved features.

front page RC web page
Explore the tabs on the RC web page to find news and formative resources.

December 20, 2009. Many new and updated features have been added to the Regnum Christi web site, making it a great resource for prayer, testimonies, apostolate, and news. Take a brief tour of the web site here.

Resources for Prayer and Formation


Did you know that over 23,800 people are subscribed to the English-language daily meditations written by Legionary priests, and over 18,700 people are subscribed to the weekly meditations?  We receive frequent comments to the web site e-mail address about how the meditations help people to find a practical way to get in touch with God every day.

We post the meditations—past, present, and future—on the web site at this link. Check it out and sign up… or send a free gift subscription to a friend.

Weekly 2-minute homilies

Get your weekly LC homily fix with Fr Michael Sliney’s 2-minute Gospel videos, based off the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel. To access the videos, click on the “Formation” tab of the videos in the upper right corner of the web page.

Prayer guides and practical tips

Looking for ways to improve your spiritual life or share some of your formation with a small group?  The “Spiritual Life” tab has many resources worth sharing, from virtue tips to prayers to practical guides for meditation, confession, Eucharistic hours, the Rosary, and the Via Crucis, to name a few.

Get Your Encounter Cases Here!

There are always new things happening in the sections and apostolates. Curious about Movement news?  The most recent five articles are displayed in
apostolate tabs
Find news on the apostolate that most interests you.
a rotating window at the top of the web page.

If you are interested in searching for news by category, simply scroll down to 9 tabs under headings ranging from woman, youth, Christian charity, missions, evangelization, diocesan clergy, family, education, and cultural action. Each section is stocked with articles about apostolic events.

We also present some important news events in video format, in the upper right hand corner under the “RC” tab.

And if you would like to get your RC news to our inbox, simply subscribe to the Mission Newsletter, which offers a summary of recent pieces in various categories from news to testimonies to spirituality and videos.

For those who like to read uplifting testimonies, we invite you to visit the section on the bottom right side (“Testimonies”), which displays the 3 most recent testimonies published. To view a complete listing of 200 testimonies, simply click on the +more button. (During this Year for Priests, many of the testimonies are part of a special series based on interviews with priests in active ministry.)

If you prefer to see your testimonies in video format, visit the video box in the upper right hand corner and click on the Testimonies tab. The most recent video testimony is posted there, and you can access previously published videos with the “More Media” button.

Letters from the General Director

Interested in getting caught up on recent letters from the general director?  The bottom right section “Letters from Fr Álvaro Corcuera, LC” can get you
ordinations section on web page
The special section on this year's priestly ordination features a video, a photo gallery, articles, and testimonies.
up to date. Or you can visit the Spirituality section on the upper row of tabs (white text on black), scroll down, and click on Letters of the General Director for a full display of all of Fr Alvaro’s letters as general director.

Special Sections

Every year, some events come along that merit their own special section of news, photos, and videos. This year’s priestly ordinations and the Year for Priests special sections are just a click away under the “Special Section” tab just to the right of the Mission Newsletter subscribe button.

A Sense of Church

There are many ways to keep up with Church news these days, but the RC web site also offers two windows into Church news. One is through the H2o videos, which are located under the special sections tab.  H2onews presents videos covering current events in the Catholic Church.

We also offer a Magisterium section with some significant addresses of the Holy Father or from the Holy See.

A Global Vision

Get a sense of the global scope of Regnum Christi and its apostolates through the “In the World” tab on the top (white text against black background). The institutional articles displayed in that section give a sense of where Regnum Christi members are active around the world.

The “Members” tab (just left of the “In the World” tab) also gives a sense of what types of members make up the Regnum Christi Movement.

And the “Regnum Christi” tab gives a general overview of Regnum Christi’s mission,
links section
In the "links of interest" section, the apostolates and schools associated with the Legion and Regnum Christi are listed in alphabetical order.
history, spirituality, and purpose.

Find Your Favorite Apostolate

Many people do not realize the full extent of Regnum Christi’s various apostolate programs. In the “Links of Interest” tab (white text on red background, far left sidebar), we offer an alphabetically arranged list of institutions, with active links to go to their home pages. A broad array of the schools, apostolate programs that are run by the Legion or by Regnum Christi members are listed there.

For a thematic view of which apostolates and programs fall under the various areas (from youth ministry to education to mass media), click on the “Apostolate” tab on the top of the page (white text against black background). Each area of apostolate is presented there, with an overview, links, and recent news.

Tell Us What You Think

The Regnum Christi web page is here to serve you. If there are additional features you would like to see on the web page and that are missing, please contact us and let us know.



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