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Mission Newsletter Gets a New Look
Fresh design gives biweekly newsletter a clean, modern appeal.

Mission Newsletter screen shot
A free biweekly newsletter with updates on recent events in the Legion and Regnum Christi.

February 3, 2011. The Mission Newsletter, a biweekly e-newsletter featuring some of the main articles posted on the Regnum Christi web site, has just gotten a new “look and feel,” thanks to the graphic design team in Mexico. It also now features links to some of the blogs on the Regnum Christi Live blogspot.

The Mission Newsletter first appeared in 2006 as a means to keep Regnum Christi members and friends updated on current news related to the Legion and the Movement. Since then it has had several updates to improve its functionality and aesthetic appeal. This latest update gives it a sleek, modern look in blue-gray, with cleaner, simpler lines.

The main categories—News, Apostolates, From the Holy Father, and Spirituality—showcase some of the more interesting or significant pieces of news, from updates on the papal delegate’s work to the recent exploits of Conquest boys to papal addresses to testimonies from Regnum Christi members or Legionaries.

To view the most recent issue of Mission Newsletter, click here. To subscribe yourself or a friend to this free service, click here.



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