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Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ on Facebook
Find familiar faces in four Facebook groups!

RC on FB
Four Facebook pages for Regnum Christi members.

April 27, 2011. Regnum Christi members now have a new virtual meeting place and a way to keep up with recent news and old friends. Four Facebook pages have made their debut in the past year:

• Regnum Christi Women North America is the official Facebook group for RC women’s sections in the United States and Canada. For those who have met other Regnum Christi women at various national or regional conventions and then lost touch, this could be a great way to find each other again and share experiences, best practices, prayer requests, and news. The site is moderated by Kerrie Rivard, the director of women’s sections in North America. This group has already received over 1,000 visits since it was opened one week ago on April 20.

“For many years the women in Regnum Christi have expressed a desire to be more connected with the women in other sections and other areas of the country,” said Kerrie Rivard. “Facebook gives us a chance to connect, receive news instantly, share ideas, be motivated and encouraged by our sisters in Christ on the front lines of evangelization around the country, build community and friendships and hear what’s going on in local Regnum Christi areas everywhere.”

She added, “The forum is open to anyone to post pictures, prayer requests, questions, ideas, events, etc… The exciting thing is that it is completely open to the initiative of the women who use it…and we have some very creative, talented people out there! We want to hear from everyone, and engage in discussion on topics from the spiritual and inspirational to the incidentals of trying to living a holy life as a Catholic woman.”

• Regnum Christi | English recaps the news posted on the Regnum Christi web site, and allows for “likes” and comments on various wall postings. The daily meditations, which are the most popular item on the web site, are also posted here.

• Legionaries of Christ is also a recap service for the news posted on web site and the wall is open for comments and questions.

• Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi is the official Facebook page for the consecrated Regnum Christi women in North America. Now the consecrated members’ families, friends, and supporters can view a constant stream of pictures, videos, and updates on the activities of consecrated women in the US, Canada, Ireland, and the Philippines.

• LC Cheshire is the official Facebook page for the Legionary novices and religious at the Legion’s Novitiate and Center for Humanities in Cheshire, Connecticut. The wall is open for family members, friends, and supporters to make comments and ask questions, and there are always new updates, photos, and videos posted by the Legionary brothers who moderate the page.



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