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Medical Missions: Fighting the Good Fight
Helping Hands Medical Missions publishes Impact Statement for 2010, prepares for upcoming missions.

HHMM impact statement
The HHMM Impact Statement can be viewed at the link below.

January 19, 2011. Each year, Helping Hands Medical Missions brings cadres of North American doctors and nurses to low-income areas around the world, from the rural regions of Mexico and South America to remote villages in Africa and the Philippines. Over 2,600 surgeries have been performed and close to 200,000 patients attended since HHMM’s foundation 15 years ago.

The mission also includes another angle, as HHMM volunteers wage the pro-life battle on behalf of developing countries’ most vulnerable populations: women and unborn children. Many of the world’s illiterate and poor populations become targets for family planning initiatives, some from the United States, which provide massive funding for abortion. In response to this anti-life threat, HHMM has trained Natural Family Planning teaching couples and given hundreds of talks on chastity. Much yet remains to be done, so HHMM is gathering support for a new impetus in medical missions in 2011.

The goals for 2011 are to growth the missionary volunteer base by 10%, have 30-40 missionaries per mission, serve about 2,000 patients on each mission (20,000 patients each year), conduct at least one special mission site project each year, and complete 10 missions. The Impact Statement also lists the financial information for HHMM’s funding, expenses, and net assets. One of the main funding goals is to sponsor one priest chaplain for each mission, as well as scholarships for volunteers.

For those potential volunteers with medical training who would like to participate in upcoming missions, 2011 offers a range of dates and opportunities. Locations and dates are listed below.

Philippines: Tanauan-Batangas
February 16-26, 2011

Quintana Roo, Mexico: Chunhuhub
March 11-19, 2011

Guatemala: Escuintla
March 25-Apr 2, 2011

Africa: Ghana
April 6-17, 2011

Mexico: Cotija
May 20-28, 2011

Brazil: Itacoatiara-Amazons
July 1-10, 2011

Guatemala: Santa María de Jesús
October 21-29, 2011

El Salvador:
October 28 -November 5, 2011
Santiago Texacuangos
November 4-12, 2011

Quintana Roo, Mexico: Playa del Carmen
November 4-12, 2011

For more information about Helping Hands Medical Missions and its ongoing projects, visit the web site at



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