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Mission Trip Is “Life-Changing” Experience
Clear Water students visit inner-city and orphanages in Santiago, Chile

chile missions 1
Children and missionaries together enjoy a game in the school patio.

Santiago, Chile – Twenty high school students from Canada had a “life-changing” experience during a recent mission trip to Chile. 

The missionaries traveled all the way from their school, Clear Water Academy, located in Calgary in Alberta, Canada to Santiago, Chile.  Their first stop was an underprivileged school in downtown Santiago. 

“The missionaries became instant celebrities with cute kids in uniform surrounding them and asking them tons of questions,” said Helen Yalbir, Regnum Christi consecrated woman who works at Clear Water and accompanied the students on the mission trip.

The missionaries led games and activities with the children, played jump rope and soccer. They also had a chance to work one-on-one, helping the younger students learn their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in English.  The missionaries also tutored the older students in their English studies.

“They were so joyful…They had nothing, and they were so happy,” said Lauren Taylor, an 11th grade student who participated in the mission.

According to consecrated woman Paola Trevino, who also attended the mission, the experience on last day of the trip was especially meaningful for the missionaries.  They visited two orphanages for children with mental disabilities.  The missionaries played games and spent a few hours
Chile missions 2
Clear Water Academy missionaries help young students with an activity.
helping the girls at the orphanage make bracelets and necklaces.  Before leaving the missionaries gave the girls gifts they had brought with them. 

“I have never been so happy just being myself and giving all that I have.  I never want this feeling to end!” said Claire Vos at the conclusion of the mission.

“This was definitely a mission to remember,” said Helen. “The missionaries left with tears in their eyes, huge smiles on their faces and wonderful memories in their hearts.”



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