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Turn to Jesus (Article)

"God Gave Me An Unimaginable Gift"
As is true for each of us, mine is a story of God´s plan as it has been revealed to me along the path, each day filled with the gifts He has desired to give me.

Liz Adams, co-worker
Liz Adams in her United States Naval Academy uniform
As is true for each of us, mine is a story of God´s plan as it has been revealed to me along the path, each day filled with the gifts He has desired to give me.

I was in my second year at the United States Naval Academy and each day I was contemplating the upcoming decision referred to as "two for seven." After these two years of challenging and enriching experiences, would I give another seven of my life to the Naval Service?

I had never expressed my interior deliberation to those close to me. There had to be more to life than the ideal of becoming a model midshipman, making the grades, throwing the shot and discus and excelling as the "all-around athlete." I was not happy, I was not being authentic, and I was living as I thought I had to be, not as God wanted me to be.

My motives in attending the Academy were not the most pure. Yes, I wanted to defend my country and I wanted to serve my God, but what I really wanted was to prove myself, to add another accomplishment to the list.

But then, during my first year I came to understand that the one unchanging certainty in life was that I needed God. I became more and more involved with Catholic activities on the Yard and by my second year I started attending various bible studies and prayer groups and participating in outreach projects. I began a routine of daily prayer and Mass as often as possible. I was slowly realizing that studies and sports were not going to give me fulfillment. Still, I assumed I would just sign the papers as all my peers would.

In April of 2000 I learned of a fellowship in Europe that would enrich my faith and allow me to meet other Catholic university students, not to mention give me the opportunity to tour a little of Europe. I could see Rome and meet the Pope! What better opportunity could I ask for? So, I applied, rearranged my schedule, and in May I flew across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Little did I know that God was going to give me the greatest gift I would ever receive, second to my baptism and the sacraments. Each day we attended lectures given by various renowned theologians, philosophers, bio-ethicists, and apologists. The program of formation was intense, but what impressed me most was the example of strong committed Catholics who were actively living their faith.

I can remember while sitting in a lecture on education the professor said, "If you are not learning anything in your classes, if you´re not interested in the subject, GET OUT!" The leadership training and education I was receiving at the Naval Academy was of the highest quality and I can see now that my time there taught me how to value what I have now in the Regnum Christi Movement in terms of its formation. Yet somehow I knew with this professor´s statement that the Naval Academy was not the right place for me. It was time for me to take another road. I called my parents and told them the news: "Mom, Dad, I´m going to be a Catholic missionary." They were justifiably shocked in light of the fact that I had never previously expressed my consideration of leaving. They wanted to be sure I was serious and that this was not just a whim but a well thought out decision, whereupon they gave me their support.

God has given me the grace to step back and set aside my expectations of myself in order to see where He wanted me to go. I spoke with my spiritual guide about all that was transpiring as a consequence of time spent with Christ. God showed me that the Navy was not where He wanted me, and upon ending the fellowship I was certain I would not sign on for seven more years as a naval officer. I was still obliged to finish my summer training with the Navy, so I returned to Annapolis to fulfill my obligations and formally resign.

The next step. I proceeded to Rhode Island, where co-workers in the United States complete six weeks of training. The entire co-worker year is a combination of human, intellectual, and spiritual formation attained through a process of learning the facts of the spiritual life and apostolate, assimilating it in workshops in the co-worker course and practically applying it in experiences during the year, thus forming the integral woman.

God gave me an unimaginable gift in this opportunity to serve him. I realized half way through my first year that I had so much to learn and God desired to give me much more, so I am now giving a second year. I see that this is His path for me. Each day he continues to give me the grace to say yes to his will in the smallest details of my life, and I never realized I could find so much happiness in doing his will. By far, above all other enriching experiences is this one: that Christ has revealed Himself to me and He continues each day to draw me closer to Him.

In Christ,




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