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ANSPAC, the National Association for the Improvement of the Human Person (Asociación Nacional Pro Superación Personal)
A pro-education organization devoted to helping working adults help themselves through programs for continuing education.

What is ANSPAC?

The National Association for the Improvement of the Human Person, a private association, promotes social advancement through continuing education for working adults.

ANSPAC was founded in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1974, by a group of lay people concerned about enhancing family values.

What are ANSPAC’s specific goals?

-Promote the consciousness of one’s own dignity so as to achieve personal improvement.

-Promote the intelligent, balanced and responsible participation of each person in the development of his own family, society and country.

-Foster a sense of responsibility and determination for achieving a wholesome personal improvement that benefits individual families and society as a whole.

How does ANSPAC work?

It recruits and teaches volunteers connected with local businesses (for example, wives of business executives) to give formation courses to the wives of workmen in the same business. The result is the social and spiritual betterment of both the teachers and the students.

The materials for support, methodology, and qualification are provided by ANSPAC. ANSPAC is supported by a collection of educational institutions, business counselors, generous individuals and professionals from different disciplines.

ANSPAC programs are founded on eight main values:

Moral: To strengthen our standards and behavior.

Spiritual: To deepen the transcendent values which elevate people in family, social and work environments.

Skill: To discover and foster one’s own artistic and creative abilities.

Intellectual: To awaken the desire to acquire a broad basis of knowledge, and foster a method of thought that is analytical, profound, and objective.

Social: To recognize that each person is an active member of society, and that society needs our generous and dynamic cooperation.

Affective: To live true and responsible love with one´s spouse, family, and friends.

Physical: Exercise, nutrition and hygeine as essential parts of a balanced and sound life.

Economic: To learn the value and efficient use of one’s own material means.

Those who work in ANSPAC do so voluntarily, as a true vocation to service.

ANSPAC is presently working in the following countries: Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Panama and the United States.

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