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Female Condition Today: contemporary challenges
The course is divided into four seminars, each of which is designed to study the female reality in an international breadth.

Curso de verano en Roma
The Registration will be opened from March 15th to May 22th of 2006.

From June 5-16, 2006, The Institute of Higher Studies on Women of the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum and the European University of Rome will be hosting the summer course “The Female Condition Today:  Contemporary Challenges.”


In recent years, The Institute of Higher Studies on Women has taken up the task of equipping women with the tools needed to confront the challenges they meet in every area of culture and society.  With this goal in mind, the Institute now offers personal formation courses aimed at helping women reflect upon their own identity and to offer instruments for growth and improvement.

General Vision

The course is divided into four seminars, each of which is designed to study the female reality in an international breadth, through an analysis of woman and the various contexts in which she operates.


Seminar:  “Towards a discovery of the dignity of woman” (June 5-6). The objective of this seminar is to illustrate, according to a clear anthropological vision, the elements upon which the dignity of woman is founded.  It is this dignity that demands that woman ought never to be objectified or used.

Seminar: “The feminine condition today: challenges in society” (June 7-9). This seminar connects the diverse social environments in which women finds themselves and defines problems yet to be resolved.  It proposes solutions that respect the fullness of her dignity.

Seminar: “The family, a treasure that deserves protection on the international level” (June 12-14). This seminar has as its object an analysis of the crisis of the traditional family in the world and the explanation, by the light of Christian doctrine, of the motivations for which the family is an institution that must be defended and preserved for the common good.

For further information

Italian participants, please contact to :
Adele Ercolano
Tel: (+39) 06/66527903 – (+39) 06/66527807

Foreign Students, please contacto to:
Laura Cumming
Tel: (+39) 06/ 66527818    

Institute for Higher Studies on Women
Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 190
00163 Roma
Tel. (+39) 06/66527800
Fax: (+39) 06/66527840

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