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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Fashion: Foe or Friend?
Dr Joan Kingsland offers girls and moms some guidance on how a woman´s outfit can help or hinder her dreams.

pink heels part 2
Find out how your fashion choices can walk you in a new direction.

June 8, 2009. Fall River, MA. Differences in fashion sense can be a volatile subject for moms and daughters, as Dr Joan Kingsland, a consecrated woman in Regnum Christi, well knows.

Which is why her 6-part series on fashion and faith, originally published in The Anchor, hits the spot perfectly.

In the following articles, Dr Kingsland explores the connection between a young woman’s fashion choices and her feminine identity, attitudes, dreams, and desires:

“A woman transmits her inner attitudes and desires through the clothes she wears. But is she always conscious of what message she’s transmitting? Does she achieve what she’s really looking for? What kind of fashion choices can she make to achieve her deepest and most worthy desires of being treated with respect and of finding true love?”

Answers to these and other questions are hidden inside the following six articles, sprinkled with real-life examples, scientific studies, and survey results. Click on the titles to download a printable (and shareable!) pdf version of each article.

• The Fashion Question:  Every woman seeks to transmit something about herself by the way she dresses. Typically she wants to look attractive. She wants to express her personality. She wants to feel good about herself.
dad and daughter
A father-daughter duo at the Pure Fashion show in Atlanta show that classy is always "in."
And in looking beautiful won’t that be the way to find love?  Find out how your fashion choices can help you find the acceptance, respect, and real love you seek.

• The Beauty Contest: Both girls and women feel strong pressure to meet unrealistic, often digitally enhanced standards. Interesting enough, it turns out the average man is much more balanced in his expectations. Learn more about the most attractive kind of feminine beauty.

• Dressed for Success: Women who dress to seduce often short-circuit their own deepest desires for happiness. Find out more about the physiological reasons why the femme fatale is doing the most damage to her own heart.

• Role Model Runways:  The Pure Fashion apostolate is teaching girls the valuable lesson that dignity, virtue and self-respect are always in fashion. Learn more about how modesty fashion shows are helping to forge strong, confident, and beautiful girl leaders.

• When No Clothes Were in Fashion: Women ought to glory in their femininity as a gift from God!  Find out how God endowed women with special gifts, and why the sexes so often misunderstand each other.

• Motivating Teens to Be Modest: Is it possible to get past those mother-daughter fashion wars in the swimsuit section?  According to Dr Joan, moms can motivate their daughters to dress more modestly. It all begins with understanding adolescent psychology and learning to speak to what they care about most…

Articles reprinted with permission from The Anchor, the diocesan newspaper of Fall River, Massachusetts.

Dr Joan Kingsland is currently a professor at Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, RI. She received a doctorate from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Rome and did her undergraduate work at Thomas Aquinas College. Dr Joan can be contacted at



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