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Turn to Jesus (Article)

What formation do consecrated women receive?


To carry out our mission in the Church, we have a comprehensive formation program that prepares us in the spiritual, human, intellectual, and social fields. This program combines prayer, the sacraments, study, apostolic work, housework, sports, and rest to form a rich, attractive, saintly feminine personality that can respond to the problems of today’s world.

Our program of study begins with a four-year curriculum covering the subjects of philosophy, theology, pedagogy, and spirituality. Mater Ecclesiae College prepares consecrated women for leadership positions in Catholic education, mass media, youth ministry, family counseling and community service. They do this through a balanced education in four basic areas: the scholarship, the spiritual life, human virtues and apostolic service. In the United States we are pursuing final accreditation of our study program as a bachelor’s degree in religious and pastoral studies. (See Mater Ecclesiae College at

Afterwards, there is the possibility of pursuing a
specialization or earning a postgraduate degree that would help us to carry out our mission in the Church more effectively. All of this goes hand in hand with constant updating in current events, teaching methods, and exposure to other cultures and languages, as well as ongoing formation of the personality, human and social virtues, teamwork and the spiritual life. Once these four years of formation are over, we enter full-time apostolic work in one of our many centers of apostolate around the world.



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