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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Diocesan Priests
Their membership in Regnum Christi has no juridical character, nor does it affect their belonging to the diocese in which they are incardinated.
Regnum Christi helps diocesan priests share the grace and mission they receive through the Sacrament of Ordination, helping them bear the greatest possible fruit in their lives and ministry.
We, the diocesan priests who belong to Regnum Christi, benefit from the missionary spirituality of this ecclesial Movement, which serves to strengthen our spiritual lives and support our pastoral ministry.

Our membership in Regnum Christi does not affect our belonging to our dioceses; it is simply an aid to our spirituality and ministry. Regnum Christi’s charism invites us to live a faith-motivated obedience to our bishops and a relationship of brotherhood and mutual support with all our brother priests.

Canon law allows priests to join associations in keeping with our priestly vocation (CCL 278). Moreover, we as diocesan priests (“secular clerics”) are asked to “hold in esteem especially those associations which, having statutes recognized by competent authority, foster their holiness in the exercise of the ministry through a suitable and properly approved rule of life and through fraternal assistance and which promote the unity of clerics among themselves and with their own bishop” (CCL 278, §2).

Just as Regnum Christi invites its lay members to live their baptismal commitments more fully, in the same way it offers us help to live our priesthood to the full. Some elements of the spirituality include:
a) Fundamental Orientation

  • Giving God the first place.
  • Love for Jesus Christ unites all our spiritual work.
  • A clear awareness of our mission.

b) Virtues that are most recommended

  • Appreciation of and fidelity to our vocation.
  • To know, love, and imitate Christ: the center, criteria, and example of our priestly and apostolic lives.
  • Docility to the Holy Spirit in an attitude of generous listening.
  • Mary, our Mother and model.
  • Passionate love for the Church.
  • Ardent zeal for the salvation of mankind.
  • Faith, hope, and love as the source of our interior and apostolic life.
  • Spirit of unity and charity with the members of the Church in a communion of ideals and efforts, initiatives and hearts. Cultivating the practice of speaking well of others.
  • Spirit of diligence and hard work, conscious that we have only one life and one chance to live it.
  • Human maturity through coherence between what we are and what we profess to be.

c) Our means of perseverance
Regnum Christi recommends several means of perseverance to help us live our vocation, such as:

  • Morning Offering
  • A half hour of daily meditation
  • A ten minute examination of conscience at the end of the day, as part of Compline
  • Rosary in honor of our Blessed Mother
  • Visiting Our Lord in the Eucharist
  • Praying part of the Liturgy of the Hours before the Blessed Sacrament
  • Making a Eucharistic Hour in a spirit of reparation once a week
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • A half hour practical exam
  • Monthly half-day retreat, followed by a time of fellowship and personal rest
  • Yearly spiritual exercises

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The Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement also offer many works and formation and fellowship activities open to diocesan priests. The most noteworthy include:

  • Spiritual retreats and formation activities for diocesan priests in the Regnum Christi Movement’s centers for priests, offered principally in Mexico, the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. For more information, visit the web site.
  • Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum’s “Instituto Sacerdos” offers several formation courses and sessions of spiritual exercises each year. It is especially known for the summer courses it offers to seminary formators.
  • The Pontifical Institute “Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center” invites diocesan priests to participate in two annual courses of priestly renewal in the land of Jesus.
  • The Maria Mater Ecclesiae International Pontifical College in Rome and the Maria Mater Ecclesiae International Seminary in Sao Paulo, Brazil, house and form diocesan seminarians sent by bishops from around the world.
  • The Maria Mater Ecclesiae Center for Priests offers lodging to priests who come to Rome to further their studies.
  • National and international conventeions sponsored by the Regnum Christi Movement typically include also special encounters for priests.


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