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Serving the Church

Consecrated women direct and assist in many types of programs, but our fundamental approach is consistent across the board. As the fruit of our programs, we teach youth to have a sense of responsibility for society and for the needs of their local parish.

Theory alone is not enough to teach this sense of social responsibility. Concrete experiences are an essential part of the learning process, and that is why our programs are designed to give young people the experience of responding to needs with positive action. In many cases, this is what the youth enjoy the most: the experience of making a difference is often a reward in itself.

“I really felt that I finally allowed Christ to work through me, and was able to spend more time listening to the needs of others, especially of the teenagers. I’m also glad that I had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people during this mission, and every time I think about this Holy Week mission it makes my heart truly happy and joyful!”   – A young missionary.



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