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Turn to Jesus (Article)


There might be one word that goes through our minds and hearts when the word “vocation” enters our thoughts: “WHY?”

For each one of us, that one word has different meanings and comes from a different perspective.
For mom and dad, perhaps it’s, “Why my daughter?”

For siblings, “Why my sister? (I mean, I grew up with her. I know what she’s like!)”

For those who may feel called to a religious or consecrated vocation, ”Why me? Why has this gift been given to me?”

For many of us, discovering our vocation was like finally finding the answer to the questions we had always asked,  “Why am I here? What am I meant for?”

This gift of a vocation is given by God himself. Consider the following from the book of Isaiah. “Why?” … “because you are precious in my eyes and because I love you.” (Is 43:4)

There is no other explanation for the call—for the gift of a vocation.



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