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Letter from Fr Álvaro Corcuera, LC, Presenting the New Communiqué
InternationalPapal DelegateSpirituality
"The Blessed Virgin’s example shows us the attitudes that ought to be ours at this historic time..."
2.  Above (left to right): Mons. Ricardo Blazquez, Mons. Giuseppe Versaldi and Mons. Ricardo Ezzati. Below (left to right): Mons. Charles Chaput and Mons. Ricardo Watty.
New Stage of Apostolic Visitation Begins
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
The Holy See will study the reports and suggestions of the visitators. The final results will be communicated in the upcoming months.
3.  "We enter now into a new chapter of our history which must be focused on the pursuit of holiness and love for souls."
Letter from the North American Territorial Directors
U. S. A.Papal DelegateNews
Fr Scott Reilly and Fr Julio Martí write to all Regnum Christi members on the current situation of the Legion.
4.  Above: Bishop Ricardo Blázquez, Bishop Giuseppe Versaldi, and Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati. Below: Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop Ricardo Watty. (Photocomposition: ACIPRENSA)
Apostolic Visitation Begins July 15th
Papal DelegateNews
The Holy See has notified the Legionaries of Christ of the names of the five bishops who will be carrying out the apostolic visitation.
5.  His Holiness Benedict XVI renews his solidarity with and prayers for the Legionaries of Christ, the members of Regnum Christi and those who are spiritually close to you.
Pope Sends Apostolic Visitors to the Legionaries of Christ
Papal DelegateNews
Father Álvaro Corcuera: “With deep gratitude we have experienced the closeness of the Holy See at this phase in the life of our congregation.”
Legion Regrets Founder´s Conduct
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
Congregation apologizes for scandal
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