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Snapshots from the Renewal (Article)
New Book Introduces Children to Jorge Bergolio, the Boy who Would Become Pope (Article)
Interior Freedom Available Now! (Article)
53 Seminarians Pray in 25 Different Churches of Rome… in one Day (Article)
A Man and His Friends (Article)

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1.  Tony Mac Donnel.
What is a consecrated man in Regnum Christi?
U. S. A.Men´s Consecrated Life
Tony Mac Donnell: Today’s personal testimony will be an attempt to unravel one of the great mystery’s of life!
2.  Matthew Reinhardt
Losing the Rose Bowl, Winning God
U. S. A.Men´s Consecrated LifeTestimonies-Laypeople
What I have learned over the last few years is that I have left nothing and received everything.
3.  Alejandro Pinelo to the right of His Excellency Victor Hugo Palma, bishop of Escuintla (Guatemala), with some of the Full Time Lay Missionaries from that country.
What Do Full Time Lay Missionaries Do?
Men´s Consecrated Life
Being a lay missionary is definitely a full time business.
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