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1.  CIDECO houses.
Center for Integral Community Development (CIDECO) Acapulco
Christian Charity
The Anáhuac Social Foundation launched its second CIDECO project in Acapulco, Mexico.
Compelled by Christ´s Charity (El Amor Nos Une)
Christian Charity
The organization makes agreements with food stores, asking them to issue coupons which can be exchanged for basic foods.
Our Children (Nuestros Niños)
Christian Charity
This program offers spiritual and material assistance to "street" children.
ANSPAC, the National Association for the Improvement of the Human Person (Asociación Nacional Pro Superación Personal)
Christian Charity
A pro-education organization devoted to helping working adults help themselves through programs for continuing education.
Operation Chiwamba
Christian Charity
An initiative of young Regnum Christi members to combat hunger and malnutrition of African children.
Refugee Friends
Christian Charity
Rumanian and Guatemalan immigrants are welcomed and their needs cared for.
Serving Christ in the Poor: A Celebration
Christian Charity
Just a month after the devastating attack on the World Trade Center, New Yorkers and others from across the United States gathered in Manhattan for the Third Annual ...
8.  Raúl Gómez González, Bishop of Tenancingo, México blesses the new facilities alongside Mother Irene García de Prado, founder of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.
Rejoicing in Malinalco
MexicoChristian CharityNews
An international group of laymen, priests, and prisoners come together to raise up a House for the Sick in Mexico.
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