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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  The Darpel family.
Living the Truth in One’s Body
U. S. A.FamilyTestimonies-Laypeople
How Familia for Men helped Matthew Darpel to “walk the talk” and let God lead.
2.  The Sánchez Aedo Arellano family
Welcoming Our Baby with Genetic Deformations
The Sánchez Aedo Arellano family, members of Regnum Christi, tell the story of how faith has helped them to see God’s provident plan in their lives.
3.  The Thompson family in Cheshire in the fall of 2007. From left to right: Levi (15), my wife Eva, Joshua (21), Mary (19), and Esther (11), and myself.
The Triumph of the Cross: A Story of Faith
U. S. A.FamilyNews
The cross of Hurricane Rita destroyed their livelihood – and another kind of cross came to the rescue. Since then, the Thompson family has made their
4.  Jon and Cindy Morris with Juan and Lucia Arroyo.
Listening to Restlessness and Taking a Risk
U. S. A.Family
Jon and Cindy Morris Found Catholic Family Mission
5.  The Hawbaker Family takes to the streets.
Touching Reflections of a First-time Missionary Family
U. S. A.Family
Elizabeth Hawbaker Reflects on Her Holy Week as a Missionary
6.  The missionaries’ life is not easy. They come from middle-class and well-off families, yet in the towns they sleep on the floor of dusty schools or abandoned houses without running water. They eat whatever people offer them.
What I Saw… at the Mega Missions in Mexico
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Legionary Father Alfonso Aguilar shares his experiences from the door-to-door “Megamissions” organized by Youth and Missionary Families for the Third Millennium.
7.  Dave and Carol Fisher with their son Br Nicholas Fisher LC
Central New York Family Builds Media Apostolate
U. S. A.FamilyTestimonies-Laypeople
Music & radio programs spread God´s word
8.  Mrs Burtka with Br. Joseph in Rome 1991.
A Family Interview for Mother’s Day
U. S. A.FamilySpirituality
Fr. Joseph Burtka, LC, and his mother discuss the family life that fostered his vocation
9.  Father Octavio Ortiz de Montellanos, LC, with his parents.
For Them
A poem from a Legionary priest to his parents.
10.  Mrs. Sagrario Amo Arturo receiving communion from her son.
Being the Mother of a Priest
I have to be sincere and recognize that it was very difficult not having him at home with me. He is the "baby", the youngest of three children, very joyful, ...
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