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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Jorge Ruiz Esparza with his wife.
Missionary at Heart
U. S. A.FamilyNews
On March 6th Jorge Ruiz, a Regnum Christi member and active collaborator in evangelization missions, saw his mission on earth come to an end.
2.  The Dunlap Family. Familia’s programs are directed to fostering the development of religious, moral, psychological and social values in the family.
When the Roses Returned
How we built our adopted family-a spiritual journey.
3.  Alejandro Pinelo to the right of His Excellency Victor Hugo Palma, bishop of Escuintla (Guatemala), with some of the Full Time Lay Missionaries from that country.
What Do Full Time Lay Missionaries Do?
Being a lay missionary is definitely a full time business.
4.  Teresa and Alejandro  Páez
When God Asks for a Child, God Takes His Place
Not being able to see our children very often is tough, really tough, but if it is for their happiness and the salvation of souls, can we say no?
5.  Douglas Gill and his family.
Everything is a Gift
When I look back over the panorama of my life, it becomes incredibly clear how strong and ever present has been God’s guiding hand and protection throughout my ...
6.  Wai Chin with the World Youth Day Cross
Carrying the World Youth Day Cross In God, Anything is Possible
Look, if Jesus could carry the huge cross all the way to Calvary, why can´t I carry a tiny little cross in my journey of life? Ever since I heard of the WYD cross, I ...
7.  The Luecke Family
Seeing God At Work
For four days we stayed in a 100-year-old hacienda with 25 other families and visited our assigned homes in Fraustro. We brought the people the full host of Holy Week ...
8.  Andres and Ale Jimenez
May God help us to be holy and faithful
U. S. A.Family
There is no doubt that God is at work within our souls but his rhythm and logic are quite different from our own.
9.  Ave Spratt
Regnum Christi Is Truly a Family
But most of all I was unaware of the blessings that I would receive after I said yes to God and his call for me to join the Regnum Christi Movement.
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