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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Hogar de los Niños
City of Joy
Charities work together in Mexican city to aid the poor and terminally ill
2.  Melissa Foley
A Crisis Infertility Clinic
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Melissa Foley’s passion is about showing women that there is an ethical and effective alternative to IVF.
3.  Leslie Kuhlman with her daughter Laura.
Thirsty for More:
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Director of TOB Education Center discusses her experience during the Rome Symposium and her impression of the need for the Theology of the Body in Europe and the world
4.  A view of the audience during the symposium.
Chastity and the Gift of Self
More than 600 gather in Rome to study John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
5.  This series is “an interdisciplinary effort at further understanding the human person by paying special attention to the body, but not exclusively.”
Psychology of the Body:
U. S. A.FamilyNews
IPS hosts 11th annual Newman lecture series beginning September 30, 2011 with online registration available
6.  A view of the Legionary novices in Ireland making their religious profession.
Religious profession of Legionary novices in Dublin
Spiritual Youth and Family Day strengthened the faith of numerous guests.
Calling Scholars, Witnesses and Pilgrims
Symposium on Theology of the Body in Rome is offering a pilgrimage and seeking scholarly papers and testimonies to this life-transforming message
8.  Fr Michael Sliney, LC
Discipline that Honors the Family
Register now for the third segment in the Familia online “Marriage-Building” series set for April 7, 2011
Online Event Presents NaPro Technology
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Fertility Care System developer discusses natural alternative to birth control pill in a Familia-sponsored event.
10.  "When couples open their hearts to God and his purpose for marriage and family, he floods them with the grace of the sacrament of marriage."
The Art of Being a Good Wife
An interview with Karen Sester, Familia USA National Director
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