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6 Months of the Renewal of Regnum Christi equips members for the Path Ahead (Article)
Going Through the Gate (Article)

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1.  Melissa Laurel, on the left, learned that God is never outdone in generosity.
I Learned Never To Set Limits On God
From my very first evangelization mission until today, the whole of my almost three years as a co-worker have been a great gift from God. He gives me more than I can give him.
2.  Tom Skiba
The Formula is P + T + HW = R
When you join Regnum Christi you do so because you are in love with Christ and you want to do all you can to accomplish great things for Him.
It Seemed Clear that I Should Give a Year, but Where Was the Proof?
Have you ever had the crazy dream to one day be a missionary volunteer? One girl tells us how her dream came true.
What is God calling me to do?
Despite working in Regnum Christi in Argentina, I felt that God was asking for more. and I was afraid of that "more" that He was asking for. I decided to move ahead ...
On Mission with the Legion of Christ
A young man from Michigan tells of his recent experience on mission in Mexico.
Showing 21 to 30 from 25
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