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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Fr. Michael Mitchell LC plays soccer with Haitian orphans
Taking Christ’s Place
Fr. Michael Mitchell LC, consecrated women and missionaries work among the poorest of the poor in Haiti
2.  Legionaries and LC brothers on mission in NYC
Holy Week in NYC
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Area is alive with evangelism activities sponsored by Regnum Christi, Mission Youth, Legionaries and RC consecrated during holiest week of the year
3.  Fr. Michael Mitchell LC working on mission in Mexico
Mission to Mexico
Fr. Michael Mitchell LC shares experiences from south of the border
4.  Fathers and sons from Holy Redeemer parish arrive in El Salvador
What a Blessing from God!
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Holy Redeemer students and fathers bring spiritual and material gifts to village in El Salvador
5.  Missionaries and local kids give the thumbs up and "V" for victory sign.
A Week in the Life of a Teenage Missionary
An account of the City of Joy mission in Cancun, Mexico.
6.  Giving the touch of love at the Missionaries of Charity's Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince.
The Beatitudes Come to Life
Regnum Christi consecrated woman Paola Treviño on the Mission Youth Trip to Haiti
7.  "While we were at work, the children came around to capture our hearts and our attention."
My Story
Barbara Forbes’ experience of Extreme Missions in Cancún, Mexico.
8.  The Hawbaker Family takes to the streets.
Touching Reflections of a First-time Missionary Family
U. S. A.Missions
Elizabeth Hawbaker Reflects on Her Holy Week as a Missionary
Graces of God’s Busy Plan
YTM Missionary in the Philipines Shares Her Experience
Awakening to the beauty, treasures and love of God
A Witness of Youth for the Third Millennium (YTM) “Xtreme” Missions 2004
Mostrando del 1 al 10 de 15
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