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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Jorge Ruiz Esparza with his wife.
Missionary at Heart
U. S. A.MissionsNews
On March 6th Jorge Ruiz, a Regnum Christi member and active collaborator in evangelization missions, saw his mission on earth come to an end.
2.  Wai Chin with the World Youth Day Cross
Carrying the World Youth Day Cross In God, Anything is Possible
Look, if Jesus could carry the huge cross all the way to Calvary, why can´t I carry a tiny little cross in my journey of life? Ever since I heard of the WYD cross, I ...
3.  John Massick
Dancing in the Endzone
Through the movement I have embraced a spirituality that has led me to a deeper relationship with Christ and a more effective way to life out my baptismal promises.
4.  Paul Ponce
Always be Faithful, Always Love
I realized that God was calling me to do something for Him and His Church. I was eager to grow in my faith, so, I put everything aside and for a year I gave my life to Christ as a Co-worker.
It Seemed Clear that I Should Give a Year, but Where Was the Proof?
Have you ever had the crazy dream to one day be a missionary volunteer? One girl tells us how her dream came true.
Mostrando del 11 al 20 de 15
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