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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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“Colleen, Open Your Heart”
U. S. A.WomenTestimonies-Laypeople
A future Regnum Christi coworker shares her motivations for deciding to give a year.
2.  Marga Cacho, member of Regnum Christi, brought many souls closer to Christ with her smile, enthusiasm and charity.
An Unforgettable Experience
The fulfillment I felt cannot be replaced by any material possession or anything else for that matter.
3.  Marie Garesché
Sell Everything to Gain Happiness
Now my great need is to say that Christ has completely filled my heart with the love, joy and peace that the world never could give me. I have found my own happiness ...
4.  Elisa Prieto
Unfasten the Moorings
I unfastened the moorings that tied me to the port of my life, my plans, my desires, and he entered my boat to stay with me.
5.  Dima Chebib fulfilling one of her dreams: meeting John Paul II
Regnum Christi Helped Wake Me Up
Our Lord gave me the grace to meet the Holy Father and to talk with him. I had prayed to God for this grace and as our Lord taught us: "Ask and you shall receive..." ...
6.  Liz Adams in her United States Naval Academy uniform
"God Gave Me An Unimaginable Gift"
As is true for each of us, mine is a story of God´s plan as it has been revealed to me along the path, each day filled with the gifts He has desired to give me.
7.  Heidi Stec
"God is a very wise God"
A year of my life? I couldn’t possibly! I have so many other things that I could do…but they would have to wait.
8.  Melissa Laurel, on the left, learned that God is never outdone in generosity.
I Learned Never To Set Limits On God
From my very first evangelization mission until today, the whole of my almost three years as a co-worker have been a great gift from God. He gives me more than I can give him.
9.  I encourage every young man or woman who is searching for meaning in his or her life to take up the challenge of giving for a year.
The Biggest Adventure of my Life
I´ve kept that desire to impact the world, but with a different purpose: not to benefit myself and receive all the fame and glory, but instead, for Christ!
10.  Priscilla Spratt,
Meeting God on a Daily Basis
In the words of Pope John Paul II, "The Lord needs, and he has wished to need, your persons, your intelligence, your energy, your faith, your love, and your holiness."
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