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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  The poorest of the poor
Micro-Businesses for Women
An apostolate designed to help marginalized indigenous peoples help themselves.
Missions for Life 2002 : Speaking for those who never get the chance.
U. S. A.Women
Coming from a variety of ages and backgrounds, this group of passionate missionaries united to defend the dignity of life out of their love for souls.
"The Most Important and Decisive Answer Ever Uttered"
Detroit Bishop Urges Regnum Christi Women to Copy Mary´s "Yes"
4.  Fr Neil McNeil, LC gave a conference on the person of our Lord
Bringing Christ closer to their lives
The Regnum Christi women’s section of Aguascalientes, Mexico organized and hosted their annual seminar on the topic of Prayer
What is God calling me to do?
Despite working in Regnum Christi in Argentina, I felt that God was asking for more. and I was afraid of that "more" that He was asking for. I decided to move ahead ...
6.  Marie-Thèrése Avemeka, Minister for the Integration of Women in Development in the Republic of the Congo
Motherhood and Work are Allies, Not Enemies
An emerging new feminist movement of ecumenical character says yes to both these questions, without advocating that women try to become like men, as some earlier feminists suggested.
ANSPAC, the National Association for the Improvement of the Human Person (Asociación Nacional Pro Superación Personal)
A pro-education organization devoted to helping working adults help themselves through programs for continuing education.
Mostrando del 31 al 40 de 37
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