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Commission Members Named
U. S. A.Papal DelegateNews
Appointments consolidate constitution review commission of two former territories.
2.  Archbishop Blázquez talking to consecrated women in Chile.
Apostolic Visitation to Consecrated Members Concludes
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
Archbishop Ricardo Blázquez will turn in a report with his observations and recommendations to the Holy See.
Legion of Christ Will No Longer Have Ordinary Nuncios
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
Decree from the papal delegate simplifies government structure of the Legion.
4.  Fr John Connor, LC, speaks about the results of recent meetings of superiors in Rome.
“Unprecedented” Meetings Set the Priorities
U. S. A.Papal DelegateNews
Fr. John Connor provides update on Legion of Christ renewal in video interview
Legion Launches Improvement Teams
U. S. A.Papal DelegateNews
Three teams will work to improve local fundraising, communications, and subsidiarity.
Commission Members Named to Coordinate Constitutions Review in Atlanta and New York Territories
U. S. A.Papal DelegateNews
7.  The superiors met with Fr Ghirlanda at the Anáhuac University of Mayab in Mérida.
Meetings of Legionary Superiors in Mexico and Italy
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
The purpose of the meetings was to prepare for the process of revising the Legion’s constitutions.
Economic Affairs Commission Created
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
Five experts will study the administrative management of the Legionaries of Christ.
9.  Fr Juan José Arrieta, LC (left), Fr Jesús Villagrasa, LC (right)
Legion of Christ’s General Council Expanded
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
The papal delegate appointed two new general councilors: Fr Juan José Arrieta, LC, and Fr Jesús Villagrasa, LC.
Outreach Commission Created
InternationalPapal DelegateNews
The papal delegate’s decisions will be based on listening to the victims and a detailed report on each case.
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