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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Tim Moots
A Crash Course in Humanity
U. S. A.RC Mission Corps
A former RC Mission Corps volunteer reflects back on what he learned during a year that was “a wild mixture of the maniac and the mature.”
2.  Bryant and Leslie Willis with their daughter Meagan.
“Much Will Be Required…”
U. S. A.RC Mission CorpsNews
Parents see God’s providence in their daughter’s service in the ECYD Mission Corps
3.  Mission Corps volunteers at the Sea of Galilee.
An Adventure to Be Taken, A Message to Be Heard
IsraelRC Mission Corps
Mission Corps volunteer Javier Callejas recalls some memorable moments from his trip to the Holy Land.
4.  Nathan Stein
Two Years That Made a Mark
U. S. A.RC Mission Corps
One year later, former coworker Nathan Stein assesses the impact of his two years of service in the RC Mission Corps.
5.  Emily Holmes (left) with a fellow RC Mission Corps volunteer.
What You Give Is What You Get… Times 100
U. S. A.RC Mission Corps
Emily Holmes on her years in the RC Mission Corps
6.  Three Louisiana RC Mission Corps volunteers: Allie, Anne, and Emma.
Looking Back after Two Years
U. S. A.RC Mission Corps
Emma Moroney on her years as a volunteer in the RC Missions Corps.
7.  Nicole McDonnell (right) and her sister Colleen.
More than Cheesecake
U. S. A.RC Mission CorpsNews
Nicole McDonnell on her year in the RC Mission Corps
8.  Jackie Nenninger with two 7th grade students from Woodlands Academy.
“Just Say Yes Today.”
U. S. A.RC Mission Corps
Being a coworker was the best choice I could have made.
9.  During a trip to Avila as part of his coworker year program.
The Promise
RC Mission Corps
Enrique Samson´s journey from a life of adrenaline to two years of service as a coworker.
“Colleen, Open Your Heart”
U. S. A.RC Mission CorpsTestimonies-Laypeople
A future Regnum Christi coworker shares her motivations for deciding to give a year.
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