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Kelly Suter: Mission based in faith (Article)
Temptation’s Hour (Article)
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A disposition to welcome God’s Word with joyful enthusiasm (Article)
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1.  Katie Torvinen was a co-worker during the 2007-2008 year.
From Rome to Jerusalem: A Co-worker’s Pilgrimage with Christ
U. S. A.RC Mission CorpsNews
Co-worker Katie Torvinen reflects on the crowning grace of her co-worker year: the pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem.
2.  Chris Daniels, one of the 8 Pinecrest seniors who will be co-workers next year.
Pinecrest Senior Takes the Plunge
U. S. A.RC Mission CorpsTestimonies-Laypeople
Chris Daniels shares some of his motivations for giving a year as a Regnum Christi co-worker next year.
3.  Beth LeBlanc was a co-worker at Overbrook Academy in Warwick, RI for two years.
Beth LeBlanc: How Two Years as a Co-worker Changed My Life
U. S. A.RC Mission Corps
“I think that we can only meet a person in the deepest part of our souls when we have given part of ourselves to him. This is how the coworker program has ...
4.  Dylan Fisher, left, fellow “co-worker” Greg Miller and Brother Andrew Dalton, work together running young men’s sections of the Legionaries of Christ in high schools and colleges around Washington D.C., Maryland and northern Virginia.
What it’s like to be a coworker
U. S. A.RC Mission CorpsNews
Paul Ponce, Juggler for God
GermanyRC Mission Corps
When giving a year as a coworker, I learned where happiness is found: in seeking God and doing good to others.
Three years in Arabia or one year for God?
RC Mission Corps
Never did I imagine that my heart could be so fulfilled, so happy, and so full of that peace "which the world cannot give."
7.  Maria Teresa Delgeon
Leave the Selfishness Behind
RC Mission Corps
Maria Teresa Delgeon, a young woman from Chile, tells us how she discovered in Regnum Christi the path that God had planned for her.
8.  Luann Jones (right) with Ana Patty Fajer.
What Does it Really Mean to Love?
RC Mission Corps
God saw through me, He made it impossible for me to ignore Him. He placed Himself directly in my path, and gave me the grace I needed to choose Him.
9.  This year is a "thank you" to our Lord for the innumerable graces he has showered on me.
Looking at Eternity
RC Mission Corps
I believe that it is extremely important to make use of each moment of our lives to dedicate ourselves to the things that transcend, that are eternal, God´s things.
10.  John Massick
Dancing in the Endzone
RC Mission Corps
Through the movement I have embraced a spirituality that has led me to a deeper relationship with Christ and a more effective way to life out my baptismal promises.
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