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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Roundtable speakers at the 19th meeting of the Neurobioethics Group. Left to right: Dr. Lucilla Bossi, Br Alberto Carrara, Prof. Massimo Gandolfini, and Dr. Riccardo Carrara.
Neurobioethics Group in Action
ItalyCultural ActionNews
Regina Apostolorum bioethics department group promotes reflection and discussion on neurobioethics topics.
Calling Scholars, Witnesses and Pilgrims
InternationalCultural ActionNews
Symposium on Theology of the Body in Rome is offering a pilgrimage and seeking scholarly papers and testimonies to this life-transforming message
3.  Legionaries of Christ and members of the Regnum Christi work closely in the development of safe environments and responding to conflict situations in this field.
Working to Prevent Sexual Abuse
ItalyCultural ActionNews
Dr. Monica Applewhite meets with the heads of safe environment programs for the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi.
4.  The event will be held at Our Lady of Thornwood Conference Center.
NY Archdiocese to Host Event at Thornwood
U. S. A.Cultural ActionNews
Over 250 will visit the Legion of Christ’s New York center for a conference on the new translation of the Roman Missal.
5.  All four bus loads of people were able to attend the Archdiocese of Washington D.C.'s Verizon Center Youth Rally and Mass or the National Armory Youth Rally and Mass.
Michigan Students Speak Out for the Unborn
U. S. A.Cultural ActionNews
‘Champions for Life’ take more than 200 to March for Life in Washington, D.C.
6.  In addition to its work in academics, the Institute also acts in the cultural sphere, promoting dialogue and reflection with different sectors, such as business and communications.
Promoting the Message of Christian Feminism
InternationalCultural ActionNews
The Institute for Higher Studies on Women expands its reach.
7.  Fr Joseph Tham, LC, and Alberto García in the conference room where the congress was held.
Legionaries and Consecrated Man Participate in Neuroscience Congress
United KingdomCultural ActionNews
Congress gathers leading neuroscience experts at Oxford University to reflect on the emerging phenomenon of a “neurosociety.”
Congress on the Figure of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem
IsraelCultural ActionNews
Academic event organized by the Regina Apostolorum alongside the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Institute.
9.  In the midst of the vast terrain that extends down to the lake, the volunteers put up a shelter against the rising sun.
Discovering Life in Magdala—from Jesus’ Times
IsraelCultural ActionNews
Day by day, Magdala hands over its treasures.
10.  A total of 41 speakers and moderators voiced their views at the conference.
Dialoguing on a Divisive Issue
U. S. A.Cultural ActionNews
Legionary priest Fr Joseph Tham advocates preparedness and dialogue on the abortion issue.
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