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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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Legionaries Host Course for newly appointed Bishops
U. S. A.Diocesan ClergyPublications
“Bishops 101” course — an intensive week of seminars aimed at equipping recently consecrated bishops to face their new challenges.
2.  Members of the Pontifical College in front of the "Vatican Governatorato" building with Msgr. Cipriano Calderón, Msgr. Eitor Sales, archbishop emeritus of Natal (Brazil) and Msgr. Danascene Bimenyimana, bishop of Cyangugu, Rwanda.
15th anniversary of the International Pontifical College Maria Mater Ecclesiae
ItalyDiocesan ClergyNews
It is currently forming 221 seminarians from 90 dioceses and 27 countries.
XVI International Course for Seminary Formators
ItalyDiocesan ClergyNews
Over the last 15 years, more than 1,000 seminary instructors from around the world have attended this summer course. 31 of the participants have been named bishops.
4.  Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.
Priests Experience Holy Week Anew After Jerusalem Retreat
IsraelDiocesan ClergyNews
Retreats organized by the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and Rome’s Regina Apostolorum University, both run by the Legionaries of Christ.
5.  <i>Regnum Christi</i>’s charism invites us to live a faith-motivated obedience to our Bishops.
Diocesan Priests in Regnum Christi
U. S. A.Diocesan Clergy
Regnum Christi helps diocesan priests share the grace and mission they receive through the Sacrament of Ordination, helping them bear the greatest possible fruit in their lives and ministry.
6. at the service of the Church
Diocesan Clergy
How does the Legionary-run vocation site help diocesan vocation directors?
ItalyDiocesan ClergyNews
The newly ordained priests join the 650 Legionary priests already engaged around the world in a wide variety of apostolic works to help the Church and society.
8.  Fr. McLean Cummings with two seminarians in front of the grotto of the St. Petersburg seminary
Spiritual Director in the Only Catholic Seminary in Russia
Russian FederationDiocesan Clergy
A priest who spent his seminary years at the International Maria Mater Ecclesiae Pontifical College, run by the Legionaries of Christ in Rome, is embarking on a new mission
9.  Main entrance of the <i>Maria Mater Ecclesiae</i> Center for Priests
Holy See approves the Maria Mater Ecclesiae Center for Priests
ItalyDiocesan ClergyNews
The Holy See, through the Congregation for Catholic Education, has granted the Legion of Christ a decree approving the Statutes of the Maria Mater Ecclesiae Center for Priests in Rome.
Inauguration of the Mater Ecclesiae Seminary in Brazil
BrazilDiocesan ClergyWorks
Bishop Lorenzo Baldisseri: “My congratulations and best wishes as you continue this work of forming Brazil’s future priests.”
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