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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Together with like-minded colleagues, Mon Austria has devoted himself to providing quality education for the impoverished and gifted students of Taguig through the Mano Amiga Academy.
Never a Dull Moment in Manila
Christian CharityOn the Media
When Ramon Austria took on the job of principal at the first Mano Amiga school for poor children in the Philippines, he also took on a mission.
2.  Eduardo Verástegui and missionaries gather around a local woman from Jonotla.
Under Her Mantle, a Mission of Mercy
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
A new apostolate founded by Eduardo Verastegui launches special missions in Mexico under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
3.  The Mass in the newly dedicated chapel unfolded in a spirit of fervent prayer.
Regnum Christi´s Office of Apostolic Works Receives Honored Guest
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory visited to greet the team in their new offices, consecrate the chapel, and bring the Blessed Sacrament.
4.  A Royal Palm Academy student prepares to make her contribution.
The Children´s Mite
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
Royal Palm Academy students sponsored two poor Mano Amiga children through a successful “Change for Change” fundraising campaign.
An Ingenious Solution
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
A new apostolate called Legion Supply taps into God’s providence for the Legion and Regnum Christi in North America.
6.  "God teaches us and gives us big lessons, especially through the witness of the people."
In a Land of Volcanoes, Charity Shines
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
Helping Hands Medical Missions took 50 medical missionaries to San Vicente Pacaya, Guatemala for five days of service to the poor.
7.  People of Myanmar waiting in line for drinking water after Cyclone Nargis.
An Integral Response to Poverty
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
How Catholic World Mission is helping break the cycle of poverty in developing countries around the globe.
8.  Ready to take on the Philadelphia Marathon.
Marathon Runner Fundraises for Legionary Seminarians
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
Geri Bishop’s “Soles for Souls” Inspiration
An Army of Charity
MexicoChristian CharityNews
Helping Hands Brigades Rebuild Flooded Community
10.  Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.
In Jerusalem, Spiritual Renewal and a Refuge from the Hostilities
IsraelChristian CharityNews
"Whatever people can do to help will be greatly appreciated," Fr. Solana explained.
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