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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Ally spent her three weeks in Mexico contributing her energy and skills to the Telemedicine team and the people they served.
Telemedicine program: the youthful vision of an American student
MexicoChristian CharityNews
One of the most rewarding and yet one of the simplest procedures was to help an elderly woman who had been completely deaf to suddenly hear again.
2.  Many of us might figure that the city is well on its way to being restored...
Opportunities Abound: Mission Hope in June
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
What we do can seem small but have amazing long-term effects.
3.  LTP is a program of the Legionaries of Christ and the <i>Regnum Christi</i> Movement.
Leadership as Service in “Angels for a Day”
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
The LTP students also made clear what motivates them: their love for Christ.
4.  The <i>Altius</i> Foundation’s Web page
Fundación Altius: Charity that Transforms
MexicoChristian CharityOn the Media
Fundación Altius (The Altius Foundation) is a project started by the Legion of Christ to fight against the causes of poverty in the world
5.  Group of family missionaries with Archbishop Emeritus Phillip Hannan of New Orleans, Fr Pat Wattigny, parish priest of St Benilde’s Parish in New Orleans, and Fr Patrick Murphy, LC
Mission Hope´s October efforts aid hurricane victims
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
The needs here are seemingly endless: 160,000 families are homeless, numerous parishes, schools and universities are still closed
Mobile Telemedicine Unit Lends Support After Hurricane "Stan"
MexicoChristian CharityNews
Telemedicine sent a mobile unit to the disaster area near Tapachula, Chiapas.
7.  Fr James McKenna, LC and Dr. José Antonio.
The Incredible Power of an Education
MexicoChristian Charity
The school’s mission was to lift children out of poverty and transform them into leaders in the community
Responding to the Crisis in El Salvador
El SalvadorChristian CharityNews
Regnum Christi outreach aids flood & mudslide victims
9.  Youth for the Third Millennium missionaries, mostly students from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, help parishes in Slidell, LA, overcome hurdles left by Hurricane Katrina.
Youth for the Third Millennium Lends a Hand to Slidell Parish and School
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
When Youth for the Third Millennium arrived on his doorstep a few days ahead of the re-opening, he was only too happy to receive a helping hand from “his guardian ...
10.  “The pupils of Pinecrest Academy sent 3275 stuffed animals to Mississippi and Louisiana  to comfort children who had lost everything.”
School Community Reaches out to Katrina Victims
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
Pinecrest students, teachers and families inspired to help.
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