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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  The Coffee House gives youth a chance to hear the call in a more personal way. Coffee House Opens in Madrid
World Youth Day initiative to bring youth into contact with many different religious vocations.
2.  Local Protestant minister David Wood leads part of one of the Changing Hearts prayer services in Greenfield, Indiana.
Changing Hearts US:
Ministry seeks to change the culture through the “Power of One,” prayer and sacrifice
3.  The YouCat, a version of the catechism specifically for the youth.
The YOUCAT, a New Catechism for the Youth
An interview with one of the authors, Mrs. Michaela Heereman.
4.  Evangelization via parachute: another kind of holy war.
Floating a Message of Faith
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
From billboards to parachutes, a Regnum Christi team finds inventive ways of spreading the Good News.
5.  Br Eric Wandrey, LC, presents artwork at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The Creative Hand
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
An art tour initiative brings out the spiritual and artistic richness in Manhattan museums.
6.  The group gathers in Times Square to pray a decade of the Rosary and sing a hymn to Mary.
One World, One Mother
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
A Marian procession through Times Square bears witness to Mary as the mother of all nations.
7.  On the Magdala property, archaeologists uncovered the oldest sculpted depiction on stone of a seven-branched menorah.
The Galilee Gala:
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Event set for June 8 in Denver to support development of the Magdala Project
8.  Dr. Coleen Kelly Mast gives a talk at one of the spiritual spas.
Singing in the Reign
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Spiritual “spa” retreat for women rejuvenates hearts, souls, and minds.
9.  The live representation of the Passion gathered 15,000 spectators.
Recreating Calvary in the City of Angels
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Hombre Nuevo / Guadalupe Radio event enacted a realistic Passion play to help prepare people for Holy Week.
Touching Christ in Two Sacraments
Fr Michael Sliney speaks about experiencing Jesus in the Eucharist and confession.
Mostrando del 21 al 30 de 189
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