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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  "When you hold a newborn infant in your hands you realize the magnitude of the gift."
Transformed through Motherhood
U. S. A.FamilyNews
An interview with Jean Stolpestad, communications director for the Familia program.
Marriage Building is the Goal
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Familia offers series of online conferences to enhance God’s teaching on marriage and family
3.  Dads met in round table discussions
First Canadian Convention Held for Conquest Dads
U. S. A.FamilyNews
“Heroes, Warriors and Builders” share a brisk experience in Cornwall
4.  Kim Bombak and her baby were among those who came to pray for life Oct. 8 across from the Morgentaler clinic.
Familia Team Prays for Life
Women gather to give united witness at 40 Days for Life vigil.
5.  This picture of Pilar Bulnes giving out a Pilgrim Queen triptych first appeared in the online newspaper
Pilgrim Queen Comforts Families of Chilean Miners
As 33 Chilean miners await rescue, their families gather to pray and keep vigil at Camp Hope in Our Lady’s company.
6.  Familia participants during their two-day training session prior to the larger NACFLM conference.
Familia Participates in National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM) Conference
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Program joined forces with umbrella organization in defense of the family.
7.  A marriage renewal retreat, now available online.
God’s Agenda for Marriage
U. S. A.FamilyNews
View two videos of Fr John Bartunek, LC, speaking at a marriage renewal retreat.
8.  Speakers at the conference will cover a wide range of family-related themes.
Cincinnati Hosts National Marriage Conference for Catholic Parishes
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Familia will run pre-conference event with special offer for clergy
9.  Fr Walter Schu, LC
The Theology of the Body: An Interview (Part I)
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Fr Walter Schu, LC, explains why JPII’s catechesis is revolutionary.
The Theology of the Body: An Interview (Part II)
U. S. A.FamilyNews
Fr Walter Schu, LC, on the theology of the body and the role of the family in God’s plan.
Mostrando del 11 al 20 de 72
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